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February 2, 2009
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mma 2 by mollygrue mma 2 by mollygrue
painted and textured in photoshop
textures from

Prints are available here: [link]
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Msbubblely Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rderiu Sep 30, 2012
Great work! BJ penn vs Hughes ?
I`m going to be taking MMA classes(and Boxing and Muay Thuai Classes)because they are things that I have always wanted to learn and life is short enough as it is, so I figured why not go for it? For me,I wouldn`t want to do it competitively or anything like that.For me,it`s more about learning such fighting styles so I could stay in better shape and so I could be able to better defend myself from a self defense standpoint,but only ever as a last resort,when there is no other available avenue.I`ve watched MMA Fights a few times as well as The UFC a few times ,but outside of that, I don`t really watch them that much.

But I do think that many of these fighters are tremdous professional athletes and I think that MMA Fighters and things like The UFC and Strikeforce,etc, are starting to get more respect these days(the fact that it`s making so much money and catching on in many different places is very,very likely helping enormously).A lot of these fighters aren`t Street Thugs who go around looking for fights or Dumb Barbarians or Rabid Animals(some of them do come across as Thugs,if we`re honest,but that`s not the majority,I feel).I respect MMA Fighters and UFC Fighters and people from Strikeforce,etc, much more now,than I used to.You look at someone like Georges-St.Pierre or Former Marine Captain Brian Stann or Former U.S. Army Ranger Tim Kennedy or Chuck Liddell and all these aformentioned guys are just such Class Acts(all inspirations for me to want to learn and it may a little funny,but even Jason David Frank(he`s a Classy Gent,too),The Former White Power Ranger and Former Green Power Ranger from Power Rangers,was an inspiration for me to want learn Martial Arts and of course,people like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris and Rudy Reyes was another inspiration for me(I see Lee,Norris and Reyes as Classy,too).Beautifully done work!The background,the faceless spectators,the skin tone,the muscle tone,muscular detail,the colors,the texture,the illusion of depth,the moody and evocative feel,MMA as the subject for the piece of all just combines to make for a beautiful tapestry of badassery!Ha!Ha!Ha! Very well done!
FalseShepherd Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice work!
is really amazing!
great :)
XzQshnR Dec 1, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
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